About Us

Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia (CCHZ) is a non-profit organization that provides a loving community in which to raise and educate orphans and vulnerable children. Each child is provided with the food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education that they need to grow to be healthy and productive members of Zambian society. 

Situated 15 km from Lusaka along the Great North Road, CCHZ receives many requests from the surrounding communities to accept orphans and vulnerable children into the Home from social service agencies, churches, extended family members and orphans themselves. When they can be accommodated, the children are placed in one of Chishawasha’s eight residential houses; there are currently 70 residential orphans and vulnerable children.

CCHZ’s primary school – the Colin B. Glassco School - is located on the property and currently educates 240 children. As well as educating the residential children it takes fee paying students from the surrounding communities. The fee income is a contribution to the operational costs of both the school and the Home and helps to make CCHZ a sustainable enterprise.

CCHZ also runs health and welfare and social development programmes designed to alieviate the effects of poverty in the local communities with particular focus on the families that are caring for orphans and vulnerable children in their homes. It also funds the cost of continuing education for its residential orphans at secondary and tertiary level.      

Chishawasha means “that which lives on” in locally spoken Bemba. It was founded by Kathe Padilla in 2000 as a positive response to the critical need for orphan care and education in Zambia: about 20% of the country’s children are single or double orphans. Read more about the history of Chishawasha and the orphan crisis to which it has responded.

Our Vision

Every Child

Every Child is the concept that children from disadvantaged backgrounds should be offered the same opportunities as more fortunate children. Our vision at Chishawasha is to provide a safe place where children from any background can learn the skills and academic knowledge that can lead to success. We believe that success should not only be attainable for the privileged, but attainable by Every Child. We know that Every Child has the potential. At Chishawasha we provide the platform, the inspiration and the goals to kindle that potential.

At Chishawasha we aim to support Every Child to:

  • Stay safe

  • Be healthy

  • Enjoy and achieve

  • Make a positive contribution

  • Achieve economic well-being

Colin B Glassco
Executive Director

The Glassco Foundation

Our Location

Plot 12869 Minestone Road

Great North Road

10101 Lusaka