Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia provides the full Zambian curriculum of education from grade one to seven at the Colin B Glassco School. The purpose of the Children’s Home is to continue providing education and care for a child up to and including tertiary education. The skills centre at Chishawasha provides education in manual and vocational skills, whilst also contributing to Chishawasha’s income generation programme.


Colin B Glassco School

The Colin B Glassco School educates 240 children in 12 classrooms. The grades start at grade 1 for 6 year olds and go through to grade 7 at 12 years when the children receive the GCE certificate for finishing primary school. Read More →


Secondary Education

When a child finishes at the Colin B Glassco School, their secondary school education starts one of the local government schools: Moomba Secondary School, Shifwankula, or Highlands Secondary. If already accommodated at Chishawasha, this care continues, with the children travelling to and from the school on a daily basis. The video above shows secondary school pupils returning to Chishawasha and taking part in a dance performance.


Tertiary Education

For those with the academic grades and desire to pursue a degree at university, Chishawasha supports their tertiary education. 17 children originally from Chishawasha have graduated since 2010, and a further 36 are currently at university.


Skills Training

Chishawasha provides skills training in carpentry and sewing to compliment children’s academic education. These skills are often valuable for future employability. The products are sold at the Rest Stop Shop for income generation.