Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia (CCHZ) was born out of the Zambian Children’s Fund, a charity established by Kathe Padilla in 2000. Kathe, from Tucson Arizon USA, had flown to Zambia on her own in 1999 and been inspired to help orphans and vulnerable children. CCHZ was recognised in Zambia as a charitable organisation in 2000 and the first project of home based support was delivered to children in 2001. In 2004, 15 acres of land were purchased and with the help and funding from Colin Glassco and the Glassco Foundation (Canada), a 12 block classroom, 5 accommodation houses and a garden were developed. The site now houses 70 children and educates 240 at its primary school, the Colin B Glassco Primary School.

You can read more about the history on the Zambian Children’s Fund website