Glassco Foundation

The Glassco Foundation (GF), established in 1996 in Calgary, CANADA, seeks issues and projects that are to the benefit of children. Initially focused in Canada GF has supported a number of community based projects locally, was an initial and longtime supporter of Dreams Take Flight (Calgary), and has supported international projects through Operation Eyesight. 

After an opportunity to participate with an Operation Eyesight field trip in Zambia (1998), the founder, Colin Glassco was hooked. As such, Zambia has become the primary focus of their work which includes rural community development projects, largely focusing on water, health, and education.

In Lusaka GF helped develop and support the Chishawasha Children’s Home, a residential orphanage and primary school. Founded by Kathe Padilla (USA), GF has built five of seven children's residences and their school and has supported most operational costs including high school and university for the children. In addition to the resident children, many are also supported within the local community.

In the Southern Province GF is responsible for over 700 bore holes, eight primary schools, eight rural health clinics and one health centre. A number of projects related to this infrastructure are supported like adult literacy, immunizations, eye health, income generation for women, and more.

In 2014, the Glassco Foundation, and Colin were honoured by Zambia with the Zambian Order of Distinction – First Division, the highest civilian honour awarded  This honour is a testament to the work that has been done in Zambia and the trust and support of the many donors.

Proudly Canadian, GF always maintains some Canadian projects. Currently they are supporting a wonderful palliative care facility for children in Vancouver, BC, and a school breakfast program in a Dene community in Canada’s north.

Bana Tandizo Foundation

The Bana Tandizo Foundation provides technical and financial assistance to community schools in Zambia. Its educational projects are focused on communities with low income levels and a high proportion of orphans and vulnerable children. As well as help with the infrastructure and educational resources of the schools, it provides the leadership and content for community-oriented programmes on child protection, health and hygiene and teacher training.  The Bana Tandizo website is at